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Web Development

The basic aim of web development is to create a different website like dynamic and static. All around the world...

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Software Development

In software development, we can perform the different works according to the user needs and its expectation. With the help...

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Mobile App Development

Everyone knows about the latest technology that is being used in mobile phones. There is a difference and multiple companies...

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. The main aim of SEO is to increase the reliability and the quality of...

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Freelancing means the user can work in a short period of time and earn the money. There is no commitment...

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Social Media Marketing

With the help of social marketing, you are able to interact with the different types of peoples on social applications....

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Anatomy Team Member

zumrah tariq

Dr. Zumrah Tariq

MBBS+Freelance Writer


Anatomy Expert

Mechanical Engr Team Members

Saad Khalid

Saad Khalid

Mechanical Engineer

Graphic Designing Team Members

Azha javed

Azha javed

Graphic Desginer

Chemistry Expert Team Member

Fariha Shah

Syeda Fariha Shah

Chemistry Expert (Petroleum Engineer)